We help you find and hire the best talent in your market

​​​​​​​​Eliminate Hiring Problems - Transform your Recruitment Department - Grow Your Company

Do you struggle with finding the right people?

  • ​Are you struggling to find high quality candidates?
  • ​Does sourcing, screening & interviewing candidates take all your time?
  • ​Do you lose candidates in the hiring process?
  • ​Good people are leaving your company?
  • ​Does it hurt not spending more time improving your product or service?
  • ​Are you tired seeing your competitors hiring the best talent?

Steffen Volk Consulting Works With Start-Ups and Global Organizations

  • ​Tech
  • ​Consulting
  • ​Saas
  • ​​Engineering
  • ​E-Commerce
  • ​Financial Services

If you want to find and hire the best talent in your market, you need Steffen Volk Consulting.

5 minute recruitment make-over

Three videos to help you transform your recruitment in order to find and hire the best talent in your market and grow your business drastically.

"Steffen is truly a superstar Recruiter. Working with him has been an absolute pleasure and I very much hope our paths cross again in the future. If I have a need for a freelance Recruiter in Germany he will always be my first call. On a personal note, Steffen is highly empathetic and social, he puts people at ease and quickly felt like part of the furniture in our Recruitment team."


​​Head of Engineering Talent at Smartly.io

​Eliminate Hiring Problems

​I help you find and hire the best talent in your market with my proven recruitment framework used to grow global brands as well as SMBs.

​Transform your Talent Acquisition

​In our briefing, we discuss your exact needs, set goals and formulate a detailed action-plan to achieve your company’s target state in the most effective way.

​Grow Your Company

​We help your business grow drastically by letting you work with high-performing employees. That increases the quality of your product or service, management becomes much easier and it helps building a vibrant culture at the workplace. The benefits of that are a steady revenue growth, customer satisfaction and employee happiness.


"Steffen is a very capable recruiter/recruitment consultant. He got up to speed very quickly, setup our recruitment process, and closed our most critical vacancies swiftly with excellent candidates. He is very pragmatic and flexible, and dealt with various processes, tools and complications with ease. He is principled and provides honest feedback, which allowed us to improve our process significantly. He is a great communicator and a collaborator. I recommend Steffen wholeheartedly, especially if you need results quick. He is great at getting things moving while addressing problems along the way!"




"Steffen supported our graduate recruiting department for six months. He identified the hiring needs within the divisions and integrated quickly into the team and our organization. He had build a good relationship with his clients and created an environment of trust and respect. He was dedicated to work hard in order to fullfill his objectives and took feedback on board to meet his internal clients expectations. Steffen was a great asset to my Team."



Deutsche Bank

"Steffens task was to set up and execute a recruiting strategy in order to attract and hire skilled Engineers. The people we were looking for are unfortunately very hard to find. He did a great job in sourcing and interviewing those rare talents and provided us with constant feedback about the industry. Steffens work was very helpful and he was always able to adapt to changes in our environment. I'd definitely recommend him in every way."

Managing Director


What’s my investment?

How much is working with the wrong people costing you? How many potential customers did you loose by spending too much time sourcing candidates? How many times were you frustrated when a competitor hired the best people in your market? Can potential high-profile candidates understand why they should work for you? A lack of time, innovative recruitment strategies and effectiveness can already be costing you a great deal.

​For Companies

  • ​Support in intense recruitment periods
  • ​Targeted sourcing, screening and interviewing
  • ​Problem analysis (Lack of candidates, recruitment marketing, job ads etc.)
  • ​Employer branding
  • ​Set-up and training of in-house recruiting departments

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    I help you set up a customized recruitment plan to your company’s needs.
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    I share with you my proven recruitment framework that I use in ​​global brands to find, hire and retain the best talent in their market.

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